About Van Ditmar

Van Ditmar, founded in 1924, has grown into the full-service trading partner of the Dutch and Belgian book trade in its nearly 100 years of existence. We help publishers and booksellers sell, distribute and promote Dutch- and English-language books and comics.

From a selection of over 6,000,000 titles and a warehouse of over 50,000 m2, we deliver our books to many different types of customers every day. Relief is our key word. From bookshops to museums and from web shops to department stores; we take stock of the requirements that suit your company and then determine the optimum range together. Always personal and always with attention. 


We supply more than 10 million domestic and foreign titles, 6 million of them directly from our own stock. Literature, fiction, non-fiction... to offer the best selection in each category, our team of product managers and buyers make selections from hundreds of new titles every month.

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Location: Pllek

Industrial, raw and laidback: Pllek is the ideal location for the Amsterdam Book Event. Located on the historic NDSM wharf on the IJ, with fantastic views of Amsterdam's skyline.